The Anticipated OMT Beirut Marathon 2023: An Anthem of Unity, Resilience, and Shared Dreams

From the heart of the Beirut Marathon Foundation, we are elated to present the most anticipated event of the year: the OMT Beirut Marathon 2023, organized by the esteemed Beirut Marathon Association. This event isn't merely a marathon; it's a symbol of Lebanon's enduring spirit and a celebration of strength, determination, and the beauty of human connection. It brings together both local and global voices in support of our resilient Lebanese nation.

Navigating Beirut's Historical Lanes
Participants in the OMT Beirut Marathon will be immersed in a journey across Beirut's storied streets. Beyond the rhythm of footsteps, the marathon paints a narrative of a city steeped in a rich past, grappling with present challenges, and nurturing ambitious hopes for the future.

A Marathon with Broad Horizons
With a range of categories, from the demanding full marathon to the Half Marathon Para Athlete Race and the 5 KM Fund Run, inclusivity is a priority. The Beirut Marathon Association ensures a place for everyone, be it a seasoned athlete or an enthusiast running for a cause.

A Marathon with Purpose
What sets the Beirut Marathon apart is its palpable atmosphere of unity and the overwhelming international solidarity it attracts. It's more than just a race; it's a robust platform for fundraising, raising awareness, and fostering global support.

Mark Your Calendars for November 12th
As we draw closer to November 12th, 2023, Beirut is gearing up to welcome its esteemed participants. This marathon promises to be more than a mere physical endeavor; it signifies our shared determination and commitment to Lebanon's future.

We invite you to be part of this pivotal event, to challenge your limits, and to engage in a celebration that epitomizes Lebanon's spirit and our shared vision of a brighter, united future for the nation.