Beirut Marathon 2022: Triumph Over Challenges & Stellar Performances

Organized by the renowned Beirut Marathon Association, the Beirut Marathon 2022 event, characterized by perseverance, unity, and athletic determination, served as a beacon of hope for the people of Lebanon and a testament to their incredible resilience.

In Defiance of the Odds
The fervor of the Beirut Marathon was momentarily dimmed due to the nationwide protests in 2019 and the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Notably, while it took a step back from the international IAAF Road Race Label Events circuit in the previous year (2021), the marathon was still conducted in defiance of the odds.

Lebanese Champions Shine
Echoing with commitment and enthusiasm, the marathon saw an impressive participation of 12,000 spirited runners from 60 diverse nations.In the flagship 42km race for men, Lebanese runner Saleh Zeaiter claimed the top spot, clocking in at 2h 37min and 57 seconds. He was followed by Bilal Awada and Daoud Moustapha. Chirine Njeim led the charge in the 42km women’s race finishing at 3h 44min and 2 seconds, with Kathia Rached and Nada Rizk completing the top three.

International Runners Shine
On the international front, Ethiopian Mitku Dekeba stole the limelight in the men's 42km race finishing at 2h 14min and 21 seconds, although the previous record remained unbroken. He was accompanied on the podium by Ethiopia's Muletaa Felate and Kenya's Benjamin Malot. In the women's international 42km category, Ethiopian Mulugojiam stood out, with Kenyan Sheila Kiplagat and Ethiopian Lelse Bero trailing closely.

Highlighting Short-Distance Achievers
In the 21.1km division, Lebanese runners Nader Jaber and Nesrine Njeim outshone their peers, clinching victories in the men's and women's categories respectively. For the 10km dash, Zayd al-Sayed and Bryony emerged as the frontrunners.

The Marathon's Inspirational Roots
Driven by an unwavering love for both Lebanon and sports, May El-Khalil transformed a personal tragedy into a symbol of resilience. After a near-fatal accident, rather than succumbing

to despair, she channeled her determination into a grand vision. In 2003, she founded the Beirut Marathon Association, aiming not just to celebrate athleticism, but to spread a potent message of unity and hope throughout Lebanon and beyond. El-Khalil firmly believes, “If you turn a problem into an opportunity, you can start to affect change.” Through the Beirut Marathon, she has not only changed lives but also ignited a spirit of philanthropy and communal upliftment.

The Beirut Marathon Association provides a monumental platform through its events for fundraising endeavors. Whether one is an individual, a corporate entity, or an organization, participation in Beirut Marathon Association events offers a golden opportunity to contribute positively to society,and champion a myriad of causes— from sponsoring an underprivileged child's education to gifting a much-needed wheelchair.