20.23 CEDAR CHALLENGE: Embarking on a Green Journey Across Lebanon

In a passionate bid to herald a more sustainable future, the Beirut Marathon Association introduced the 20.23 CEDAR CHALLENGE. This initiative invites participants to traverse the rich landscapes of Lebanon, engaging in varied physical activities - from running and swimming to biking, hiking, and trailing. The cumulative distance? A significant 20.23 KM across six of Lebanon’s eight distinguished governorates: Akkar, Baalbek, Beirut, Beqaa, Keserwan, Mount
Lebanon, the North governorate, and the South governorate.

Elevating Sports Tourism
But the 20.23 CEDAR CHALLENGE is more than an athletic pursuit. It’s a heartfelt celebration of Lebanon's multifaceted terrains and its deep-rooted heritage. Spanning from May to October 2023, the challenge breaks geographical constraints, welcoming international participation and broadening support for this transformative initiative.

Planting for a Greener Tomorrow
In culmination of the six-activity challenge, the Beirut Marathon Association is collaborating with Reforestation Lebanon to mark the participants' achievements. A momentous ceremony will be orchestrated within the Cedars reserve. The highlight? Planting 23 Cedar trees, symbolizing the birth of a small Beirut Marathon Association dedicated forest in honor of all #PeaceRunners of Lebanon.

Join the Movement
The window for registration spans the entire six-month periodfrom May to October 2023. Every participant will be commemorated with a unique medal: a golden map of Lebanon, elegantly engraved with a cedar. This symbolizes the saplings taking root in Lebanese soil, a testament to the participant's commitment.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity. Register, embrace the challenge, and play your part in rediscovering and conserving beautiful Lebanon!