At the Beirut Marathon Foundation, we believe in the power of running as a catalyst for positive change. Joining the Global Beirut Run Club initiative allows you to push your physical limits and become an integral part of a global movement for resilience and progress. Your contribution and dedication extends beyond the race; the funds raised through your participation fuel programs and initiatives that elevate individuals and strengthen communities worldwide.

Become a part of this transformative journey. Lace up your running shoes, purchase your ticket through our website, and dedicate your run to a cause that resonates with you. Together, we can leverage the power of running to forge lasting impact and inspire positive change in the lives of many.



How it works

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1- Sign Up:

Become an official member of Global Beirut Run Cub by filling out our quick and easy sign-up form. We'll keep you updated with the latest news, events, and exclusive opportunities to engage with our community.

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2- Register:

Choose the race that suits you best and get ready to make a difference with every step you take. Sign up for any of the races listed on our events page through the dedicated registration link.

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3- Compete:

Put on your running shoes, participate in the race you registered for, and give it your all. Run with passion, knowing that every stride you take will contribute to the betterment of Lebanon and its communities.

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4- Celebrate & Share:

Once you've completed your race, it's time to celebrate your achievements. Reflect on the impact you've made, the personal milestones you've reached, and the positive change you've contributed to. Share your Global Beirut Run Cub experience with the world. Use our dedicated hashtags #GlobalBeirutRunCub and #TheBeirutMarathonFoundation on social media to connect with fellow participants, supporters, and the wider community, and to inspire other to join our cause.