At the Beirut Marathon Foundation, we celebrate the transformative power of collaboration and community engagement through the incredible platform of marathons and walkathons. We are proud to work alongside a diverse and extensive network of collaborators, sponsors, and organizations who share our vision and commitment to making a positive and lasting impact. Together, we are forging stronger communities and creating a brighter future globally.

Collaboration Opportunities

At the Beirut Marathon Foundation, we stand firm in the belief that collective action has the power to enact substantial change. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with businesses, organizations, and individuals who align with our vision and values. By joining forces, we can enhance our efforts, extend our reach, magnify our impact, and develop sustainable solutions for community challenges.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Beirut Marathon Foundation, we encourage you to reach out to us at

The Global Beirut Run Club

Are you a passionate runner looking to make a meaningful impact? Join our Global Beirut Run Club initiative and participate in marathons, walkathons, and virtual races across the globe while supporting our mission. When you register for an event through our website, you contribute to important programs and initiatives that promote sports, health, and community development.

No matter your experience level, your participation is valuable. Lace up your shoes and become part of a community that runs not just for fitness, but for change.