Our Story

In a world increasingly confronted with global challenges, where the need for community support is more crucial than ever, the Beirut Marathon Foundation has established itself as a beacon of hope and solidarity. Based in the USA, this dynamic organization is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for a wide array of causes both domestically and internationally.

Our innovative fundraising initiatives are centered around providing steadfast support to diverse projects and organizations within the USA and globally. A key endeavor of ours is offering slots in marathons and walkathons worldwide through the Global Beirut Run Club initiative. Individuals participating in these events not only express their solidarity with various causes but also make a direct contribution to our foundation's mission, joining a global movement of empowerment and resilience.

As a leading independent NGO in the USA, the Beirut Marathon Foundation injects renewed vigor into efforts supporting local and global communities. The collective commitment of our foundation, alongside our runners and supporters, underscores the resilient spirit of humanity, demonstrating our collective strength in overcoming adversity.

We invite you to explore the impactful work of the Beirut Marathon Foundation and see firsthand how our endeavors are making a meaningful difference in the United States and across the globe.

Collaborations and Joint Endeavors

At the Beirut Marathon Foundation, we highly value collaborations that embody resilience, unity, and strength. We organize and support initiatives in the United States and globally that focus on promoting health, unity, and resilience through traditional marathons, walkathons, and virtual marathons. These programs, which span physical and virtual domains, aim to empower diverse communities through active participation and engagement, reflecting our commitment to fostering positive change.

Fundraising through Diverse Global Races

The Beirut Marathon Foundation offers individuals the opportunity to participate in various prominent events in the USA and worldwide, including traditional marathons, walkathons, and virtual marathons. Our focus is on promoting health, unity, and resilience, with the funds raised being channeled into a wide range of causes and initiatives.

Promoting Engagement and Awareness

At the Beirut Marathon Foundation, we are committed to more than just fundraising; we are a hub for raising awareness and fostering community engagement. Our network connects passionate runners and supporters across the United States and the globe, creating a community dedicated to positive change and active participation. Through our Global Beirut Run Club initiative, campaigns, and engaging content, we encourage individuals from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference. Our foundation's unwavering commitment helps instill hope, rebuild lives, and bring communities together.

Elevating Impact and Reach

Looking ahead, the Beirut Marathon Foundation is dedicated to expanding its reach and deepening its impact. We are actively forging new collaborations and strengthening existing ones, initiating programs that offer sustainable solutions to various challenges that communities face. With the support of our runners, donors, and community, we envision a future marked by strength, health, and unity, where our efforts continue to foster hope and resilience.

The Founder


Thomas A. Abraham

Founder and Chairman

Thomas A. Abraham, a Lebanese American business entrepreneur and avid runner, intertwines his business acumen with an unwavering dedication to philanthropy. Participating in numerous marathons over the years, he has championed causes that hold personal significance, notably those in his birth country, Lebanon, as well as others like the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1952, he was adopted at four by Genevieve and Anthony R. Abraham, respected for their entrepreneurial and philanthropic contributions. After immersing himself in studies at the University of Miami and the University of Denver during the 1970s, Thomas navigated his journey into various business and philanthropic engagements.

Currently, Thomas steers the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation as Chairman, a foundation inaugurated by his parents in 1976. He also chairs The Beirut Foundation - USA, which he established in 2021, and took the initiative in 2023 to found the Beirut Marathon Foundation. The latter harnesses the power of marathons worldwide, raising funds and awareness for various causes around the globe, with a particular focus on communities in the United States. Furthermore, Thomas is deeply embedded in several family enterprises, holding positions as president and partner.

In a historic move, the U.S. Association of Blind Athletes, the National Governing Body for Paralympic blind soccer, and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation, appointed Thomas as a sport ambassador for blind soccer. This appointment, a testament to his philanthropic endeavors, marked an inaugural occurrence in the domain of U.S. Paralympic sports.

Additionally, Thomas contributes actively to numerous charitable organizations, holding positions as a Board Member at Camillus Health and House Concern, City Year, the Rene Moawad Foundation, and the American Task Force for Lebanon. His involvement extends to the Beirut Marathon Association and the Lebanese American University as a trustee, and he is an Emeritus Board Member for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

In a fusion of his affinity for arts, sports, and charitable initiatives, Thomas founded the StarArt Foundation in Miami. This non-profit melds the creativity and star power of international artists, athletes, and entertainers with corporate sponsorship to spearhead projects benefiting various charities and humanitarian causes, capitalizing on the synergies between sports, music, and art industries.

A particular endeavor that holds a special place in his heart is the "Help Us Rise"; relief initiative, managed by The Beirut Foundation and backed by the support of the Anthony R. Abraham Foundation. This initiative extends a compassionate hand to those impacted by the harrowing explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020, by directing funds into projects and supporting local NGOs. It provides essential aid to a city and its inhabitants profoundly shaken by one of the most catastrophic explosions in recorded history.

Enriching the world through philanthropy, particularly within sports and arts, Thomas A. Abraham remains committed to endorsing initiatives and causes that catalyze positive transformation. His dedicated efforts not only embody his personal mission but also serve to inspire and establish a legacy of transformative positive impact.

Board Members


Mo’ath Alkhawaldeh


Mo’ath Alkhawaldeh, a distinguished figure in the world of running and sports, serves as the President of the Beirut Marathon Foundation. Currently employed at Princeton University in Washington DC as the Regional Manager for MENA programs, Mo's impact on the running community has been acknowledged globally. He has been featured in Runner's World as one of the top 50 Most Influential People in Running worldwide and is a recipient of the 2017 Athletes in Excellence Award from the Foundation for Global Sports Development. His achievements extend beyond his professional responsibilities, as he actively participates in mentorship and community outreach as a Beirut Marathon Ambassador. Mo’s dedication to sports is evident through his impressive marathon achievements, representing Jordan in major international races. He is committed to enhancing access to sports for underprivileged youths in the Middle East and North Africa. Currently, he is training rigorously to represent Jordan in the 2024 Paris Olympics.


Tiana Abdulmassih

Board Member

Tiana Abdulmassih, a Harvard University alumna and a seasoned athlete, is a Board Member of the Beirut Marathon Foundation. Working in San Francisco as a Relationship Manager for Enterprise customers at LinkedIn, Tiana’s journey in athletics began with her participation in the varsity women’s rowing team at Harvard. It was during her university years that she discovered her passion for running, leading to her qualification and participation in the Boston Marathon. Tiana, who grew up in the United States, has deep roots in Beirut, where she was first introduced to the Middle Eastern running community during the Beirut Marathon in 2016. As a dual American-Lebanese citizen, she actively competes for both the Impala Racing Team in San Francisco and InterLebanon in Beirut. Tiana is driven by a mission to inspire Middle Eastern girls and women to pursue sports for health, independence, and happiness. Holding the third fastest marathon time for Lebanese women, she continues to represent Lebanon in international competitions, including the World Cross Country Championships in Australia (2023) and the Arab Cross Country Championships in Bahrain (2022).


Chirine Njeim

Board Member

Chirine Njeim, a versatile athlete with an impressive Olympic background, is a member of the Beirut Marathon Foundation's Board. Originally from Lebanon, Chirine has competed in three Olympics (2002, 2006, 2010) in Alpine skiing, showcasing her exceptional athletic prowess. Post-2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, she relocated to Chicago, where she transitioned from skiing to marathon running, inspired by her sister Nesrine who us a competitive runner. Her debut in the Chicago Marathon was a remarkable success, finishing with a time of 3:07, which ignited her passion for running. Chirine’s performance in the Beirut Marathon was outstanding, recording a top time of 2:49, establishing her as Lebanon's premier long-distance runner. Her dedication and talent led her to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics with a time of 2:44 in the Houston Marathon. Chirine stands out as a rare athlete who has competed in both the Winter and Summer Olympics, continuing to train and compete with dedication and fervor.